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I found about another alternative, right now I only have Jabber for Windows registered, but I believe this might work with ALL Jabber options.You go to the CLI of your IM&P server and you run the command: The report does get you the FULL version, and those are the right versions for my lab and the devices I have.Whether it becomes a multi-domain, or not, will depend on the RHS from the values which you're using as JIDs If you have JIDs from @company,,, etc.

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You can get to any of the above documents from the main CUCM documentation page Go to CUPS/IM&P FAQ Content Table This was possible in 9.x, however, in 10.x, all servers, CUCM and IM&P, need to be running either restricted, or unrestricted across the board.

If you are upgrading from IM and Presence Service 10.0(1) Export Unrestricted to any higher release of IM and Presence Service Export Unrestricted (including Service Updates), you must install the following COP file before you begin the upgrade: unrst_upgrade_10_0_1_v1.2sgn.

Go to CUPS/IM&P FAQ Content Table The whole procedure is outlined in the CUCM upgrade guide: Upgrade Overview You can find the rest of the guides for old, and upcoming versions under the CUCM documentation page if you click Install and Upgrade Guides Make sure to review the whole guide and pre-reqs before attempting the upgrade, put special notice on which procedure applies to you, and whether you need to switch to the new version immediately, or upgrade all nodes before switching, that is a very important step and can cause problems in case you fail to follow the proper procedure.

Go to CUPS/IM&P FAQ Content Table This information is listed in several places, remember that you need to look into the CUCM documentation for IM&P as well.

Reference: Upgrade Paths for IM and Presence Service 10.x Go to CUPS/IM&P FAQ Content Table There are two outstanding bugs related to this, please review the information about them: Why would you want this??

A lot of people don't like the fact that you are limited to build the JID as user [email protected], specially when you want to use the mail as user ID, as you end up with [email protected]@

Please notice the following limitations: Multi-domain and multi-customer support is limited as follows: Cisco Tele Presence Video Communication Server X8.7 Release Notes Page 7 Go to CUPS/IM&P FAQ Content Table This is really not that complicated in the steps you need to perform in IM&P and VCSs / Expressways.

I'll assume CUCM 10.x and VCS 8.5 will be used for this.

Go to CUPS/IM&P FAQ Content Table Starting with releases 9.x there is no longer a mix and match between CUCM and IM&P, they need to be aligned in the same major release.

For the most part, CUCM and IM&P need to be on the same X.

Notice that the SRV records need to be configured for your company, and the company you want to federate with, otherwise, the authentication will fail.

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