Core data updating records

Creating a digital record also helps to protect the original historic documents.

While only land professionals can search Landonline directly, anyone can order copies of the electronic records stored there through LINZ – see Ordering a land record.

Rather, there is an expectation that the core outcomes will be collected and reported, making it easier for the results of trials to be compared, contrasted and combined as appropriate; while researchers continue to explore other outcomes as well.

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Core data updating records

GRBio is the first-ever consolidated, comprehensive clearinghouse of information about biological collections in natural history museums, herbaria, and other biorepositories.

This online-registry is a source for authoritative information about collections as well as validated, standardized data such as addresses, contacts, and values for the Darwin Core identifiers for institutions (institution Code) and collections (collection Code).

LINZ looks after millions of land records for the Crown, including property titles, related land documents and survey records.

These records have been stored and managed by LINZ and its predecessors since the 1840s.

The New York Botanical Garden will oversee the review of IH records and all the previous functions of IH have been incorporated into GRBio, with certain improvements.

The Globally Unique Identifiers (GUIDs) assigned to collections by BCI have also been preserved in GRBio, along with BCI’s web services.

A Call for Community Curation Entering and updating information about your institution and its collections will make them part of the global network of biodiversity information.

Unfortunately there are still approximately 130 institutional identifiers that have been used by more than one institution, making their meaning ambiguous. If you are associated (or have information) with one of the ~300 institutions that has used one of these ambiguous Institution Codes, please provide this information by filling out this online form.

The keyword used for the search will be compared with study title, abstract and author's surname.

View full search options To view a demonstration of how to search the COMET database click here Useful references for core outcome set developers.

The CBOL staff will update the listing of ambiguous Institution IDs as information is received.

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