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The consequences may involve feelings of guilt, loss of a job/relationship, higher risk of sexually transmitted infections, among others. Methodological challenges in research on sexual risk behavior: II.

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The empirical literature on measuring OSA is still relatively sparse.

One difficulty in measuring these behaviors derives from the fact that cybersex addiction has not yet any official diagnostic criteria, so decisions for item inclusion and diagnostic thresholds may be decided ad hoc.

Few questionnaires specifically focus on OSA and OSP measurement. Youth Internet victimization in a broader victimization context.

The Internet Sex Screening Test (ISST; Delmonico, 1997) is a 25 true-false item test.

The wide variety of problems arising from Internet use include overuse in general and problems related to specific activities such as pornography, sexual exploitation, harassment, infidelity, fraud, and isolative-avoidant use (Mitchell, Becker-Blease, & Finkelhor, 2005).

The ‘problem’ may range from a single incident to a pattern of excessive involvement.

This new sexual revolution has led to both positive and negative aspects, facilitating and enriching sexual functioning but also furnishing other risks for criminal, negative and harmful sexual conducts, or Online Sexual Problems (OSP). Online sexual activity experience of heterosexual students: Gender similarities and differences.

Such difficulties include negative financial, legal, occupational, relational as well as personal repercussions from OSA.

An increasing number of people use the Internet for Online Sexual Activities (OSA).


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