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Arriving to meet Daniel Radcliffe at the Dazed shoot, it’s hard not to expect an earnest, bespectacled man-child.Regardless of whether or not you’ve ever seen a Harry Potter film, the iconic franchise is such a pervading cultural phenomenon of the last decade that his name instantly makes you think “boy wizard”.Instead, there’s a bare-chested 21-year-old man smouldering for the camera with clownlike make-up smeared all over his surprisingly chiselled face. “I’m Dan.” Daniel Radcliffe is not Harry Potter, and he wants you to know it.

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Daniel radcliffe dating laura o toole

“When you’re covered head-to-toe in make-up, the only thing you can do is go for it,” he grins.

He says how excited he is to be in Dazed because “that’s how I go through life; constantly bewildered”.

Mum was in bits.” He pauses, then adds: “Mum says I talk about her too much in interviews, so I’ve got to stop.” “Anyone who thinks the people who are papped all the time don’t want to be is under a false impression.

You have to go to the places where the paps are, and then do something worth photographing” – Daniel Radcliffe One topic that Dan famously swerves in interviews is girlfriends.

I met my last girlfriend on Equus.”Was it during your naked scene that she fell for you? Actually, the first time we saw each other naked was on stage.

But it was more when we were running through lines together.

But, as a man, in that moment, when the girl is a good actress, you get fooled.” “If I’d have stayed in school, posh public school boys would be my only frame of reference for the world.

Whereas I’ve been taken out of that and met people from every social background. I adopted the policy that I’d rather be open than close myself off to the world, even if it means getting screwed over. The thing is, he took the photo and then used his real name in the paper.

” And he’s off on another one of his tangents, this time about the heartbreaking moment when the old toys are discarded.

“I was on the point of crying, but I didn’t want to cry in front of my friends.

I’ve become a more rounded person.” But you’re Harry Potter. And what you find is that most people are genuinely very nice.”Having said that, there was an exposé last year with pictures of Dan smoking what looked like a spliff (for the record, it was a rollup cigarette), under the genius headline “Harry Pothead”. It’s like, so you want everyone to know you’re a prick?

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