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The pre-1982 range of Yamaha Trumpets with three digit model numbers appear to have been marketed as such:1xx : Standard / College 2xx : Standard / College 3xx : Standard / College 6xx : Professional 7xx : Professional 9xx : Custom Does anyone have any old brochures or marketing material from this time that they are willing to sent to me or share as a .pdf? ) 6xx : Professional (Flugel range only) 6xxx : Professional 6xxx H : Professional Heavywieght (introduced 1987, replaced by Xeno Range) 6xxx H : Maestro Range (UK Brass Band marketing, now marketed as NEO range except cornets) 6xxx : Professional Signature Series (Bob Shew, etc...) 8xx : Custom (Unique Japan only medium bore range) 8xxx H : Pre-Xeno (Custom?

There simply isn't enough (appropriate) numbers to accomodate all the possible bores in a logical sequence.

Also worth noting is the variance of measurements in the same bore sizes.

This is made more confusing as Yamaha themselves market some particular trumpets with an "S" in their marketing material but not actually stamped on the same instument, eg: the Xeno Artist Series trumpets, only available in silver plate but marketed by Yamaha as YTR-8445CHS in all of their published material.

When you look at the actual instruments, they are stamped as YTR-8445CH.

If you want a NY Bach version, they don't come along often or cheaply... The engravings are also varied, the Director model (with vertical, engraved lettering)...

Others, I call 'reform school' or 'medallion' Mücks.I'm assuming the 4th number was originally intended to designate the model or design within a particular set up.Ie: a 63B are both Proffesional Level, Bb, and ML bore, but the final number differentiates between the actual design of the trumpet.I'd like to work out if this is a deliberate change of measurement made by Yamaha for speccific models or simply anj case of the original imperial measurements being changed to decimal and back again, each time changing slightly for the previous. The measurements I have are as follows: 1 = Step Bore (YTR-6310Z) 2 = M (Medium) (YTR-6320) 3 = ML (Medium Large) (YTR-6335) 4 = L (Large) (eg: YTR-8445 But this doesn't have space for the S (Small) Bore or MS (Medium Small) bore, nor does it differentiate between same bore sizes, so I'll list the measurements in order and assume that the number system simply doesn't hold true anymore, other than maybe the 3 and 4 designation.Step Bore S = 10.50mm / xxx" (eg: YTR-6810) MS = 11.00mm / 0.433" (eg: YFH-631) M = 11.24mm / 0.442" (eg: YTR-946) M = 11.25mm / 0.443" (eg: YTR-948FFMS) M = 11.30mm / 0.445" (eg: YTR-6310) ML = 11.65mm / 0.459" (eg: YTR-6335H) ML = 11.68mm / xxx" (eg: YTR-4335G) L = 11.73mm / 0.462" (eg: YCR-2310II) L = 11.76mm / xxx" (eg: YTR-6340) L = 11.90mm / 0.469" (eg: YCR-8335) If anyone wants to supply me with the correct fractional imperial measurements it would be appreciated.The serial lists can be deceiving, you never really know what you are buying until you get it.

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