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Here are seven Q&As we hope Sawyer watched before her sit-down.

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star formerly known as Charice Pempengco, says life since coming out as transgender has been "surreal."What started out as simply changing his screen name so he wouldn’t “be stuck in [the] past" has turned into a flurry of articles about the star's identity, a buzz that Zyrus didn't intend to create."I just thought that I was going to change my social networking sites’ user names, and I just didn’t think that everyone would pick it up," the singer explained. everyone was talking about it, I was like, ‘I guess this is the perfect time.’ It was Pride Month and I just saw that everything was happening in the right place, right time and I started talking about it.”Following his coming out via Twitter and Instagram in June, the singer, 25, spoke with USA TODAY about his transgender journey, music career and life since his recent name change.

Not only surprised by the buzz his name change created, Zyrus, who lives in the Philippines, was also surprised with how accepting his fans have been of the news."When I thought about finally coming out as a transgender man, I didn’t think a lot of people would actually agree to it and accept me, but I was surprised with the love and support," he said.

"When I asked [Carrera] about any anatomical changes that had taken place during her transition, she balked, and so did some of you," said Couric in the follow-up segment.

"Now, even if some thought my question was off base, I wanted to make sure my question — and Carmen's answer —stayed in the show as a teachable moment for me, as well as our viewers." Lesson 5: Trans People Aren't "Enigmas" or "Something to Be Studied"If you want to see what it looks like when a transgender person's humanity is ignored instead of celebrated, ancient interviews of Christine Jorgensen are perfect blueprints for what not to ask.

Smith is one of the most sought-after producers/songwriters in the music industry, and has worked with heavyweights including Gwen Stefani, Lil Wayne and Ciara.

The two-time Grammy Award winner is also the first transgender person to ever appear on VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” — and says she’s proud of the distinction.

“I realized that the more trans people who are in the light will create awareness for trans people,” says the 30-something Smith, who grew up in Brooklyn.

“We are all just trying to live, and it’s great to have this platform, so I’m very happy to be on the show.” Smith’s journey to success, however, was not easy.

Describing them as not "open with LGBT people" from a country "still having a hard time trying to ask for equality and freedom," Zyrus said his relationship with family has been "kind of on-and-off.""Their reaction was expected. I know that someday they will find some peace in their heart and [know that] whatever I’m doing right now is for my happiness and is who I really am.”The news also garnered some pushback in the Filipino media community.

Philippines published a since-removed story on June 20 titled "Jake Zyrus and The Challenges of Personal Reinvention," which people criticized for insulting transgender people. Zyrus, who accepted the apology on Twitter, said that he didn't take the article too seriously, but was "touched" by others who stood up for him.

Lesson 6: The Golden Rule Would you really think it OK if you were asked the same questions?


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