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Manual of ornithology: Avian structure and function.

Disinfection and disease prevention in veterinary medicine.

Manual of avian practice Philadelphia, PA: Saunders.

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Be sure to leave a comment with your favorite American Revolution history book as well as anything you think we missed or got right.

Cheers to fascinating American Revolution history and happy reading!

The zebra finch: A synthesis of field and laboratory studies.

The complete book of finches and softbills: Their care and breeding.

To make the list more manageable, we split the books into five broad categories, which we’ve sorted by our recommended reading order: Reading through our book list will inevitably invite a variety of curiosities.

We encourage you to keep a tablet or computer close by with pre-loaded on your browser so you can quickly search our archives for additional background and narratives on newly discovered people, places and events.Our readers are avid consumers of history, continually hunting for the next great book about the Revolutionary War. Amazon alone sells more than 12,000 books categorized as “Revolution and Founding.” With so many choices, where does any student of the Revolution begin?Which tomes are the most credible for their impeccable research and unbiased scrutiny of the era?With more than 1000 articles published since 2013, is the leading source of knowledge about the era.Plus, our content is conveniently categorized in similar buckets of people, politics, culture, economics, conflict & war and critical thinking. Clinical veterinary advisor: Birds and exotic pets.


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  3. Archaeology is the study of historic or prehistoric people and their culture through the study of their artifacts, monuments and other items they left behind.

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