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But understanding shorthand isn’t just important for the messages you send. There are also a few regularly used acronyms that describe features on those networks.

These cover a range of acronyms related to online business that could come up in a chat with the IT team or when dealing with a customer support ticket.

In either case, you don’t want to be nodding along without knowing what’s being discussed. API: An “application programming interface” is a set of rules for how pieces of software interact.

ISP: Just as the ESP is the business supplying your email needs, your “Internet service provider” is the company powering your Internet service.28.

RSS: A “really simple syndication” is a feed of all posted content from a source, usually a blog.29.

This can be an outside service used for email blasts to your audience or for powering your internal team communications.26.

HTML: You see these letters all the time, and they stand for “hyper text markup language.” It’s the coding language used to build all webpages.27.

Many of the general terms that would come up in marketing meetings are equally useful in a social media context. B2B: This “business to business” label refers to companies that are selling to other companies.11.

B2C: On the other hand, “business to consumer” designates a company that is selling to individuals.12.

UGC: The term “user generated content” encompasses any written or visual material that the individuals using a platform create, from comments or blog posts, to photos or video clips.


  1. Because they’re allowed to date at their own events, these hosts are highly invested in what’s going on and want the night to be a success.

  2. Objectives include energy and water cost savings, use 100% renewable energy by 2035, and more. Developers and companies affiliated with medical marijuana are flocking to Michigan municipalities. Michigan's current housing supply is not keeping up with modern needs.

  3. After such a long relationship, the couple separated in 2009.

  4. The rest of Po F’s range of features – like chat, forums, Meet Me, and mobile apps for i Phone, Android, and Windows Phone – are available to all members.

  5. The game begins on April 1 and ends on March 31 the next year.

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