100 dating site no upgrade - Dating after leaving bpd spouse

I would think if your spouse that has BPD, is bipolar or has any other mental illness, if that person is actually trying to get help, with meds and therapy, etc, then I can see possibly staying.At least they are trying and putting forth some kind of effort.

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I know the noble and loyal thing to do is to try and help your spouse through mental illness but at what point do you sacrifice so much that there is nothing left of you?

Specifically why waste good years(youth) of your life on the remote chance that your Bipolar or BPD spouse will be "cured"? Yes I know this sounds very harsh and selfish but i'm just using my own experience and wanted to get some feedback.

When someone says "I do" it implies they actually can.

I guess I would ask you what have you done to help her in getting better.

If they're ignoring or even glorying in the chaos for years on end, there's absolutely I'm afraid this question is going to be way too open-ended, but what happens if your spouse doesn't do what they're supposed to, like COGypsy describes, and even though you logically know what has to be done, you still have feelings for your spouse? You have to want to be regular more than you want to be nuts.

If not then it ends in jail or the mental hospital or the morgue.Would I leave her if it was MS, or some 'respectable' disease?Truth is, other people can't really understand the thought processes that go on, so I won't let others judge me, regardless. ) Dear Sanity, To know more about BPD you can visit this link How a Borderline Personality Disorder Love Relationship Evolves - Roger Melton, M. Also you can check what Uptown wrote on my thread about BPD 28 years of marriage What ca i do?With so many other mentally stable potential partners why wait 10-20 years for your partner be cured and destroy who you are in the process?I ignored all the signs of my wife's emotional instability issues while we dated, we had a son and now i'm trapped with this nightmare.As someone who has bipolar disorder, my answer is there is no payoff.


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