Dating by interest is eva marcille dating anyone

Which is way better than their original name, e Ham-ony." Bristlr This is a smartphone app that connects "those with beards to those who want to stroke beards." Different strokes for different folks, I reckon.CNBC called it the "Tinder for Beards." Things could get a little hairy if you use this app. Women Behind Bars Here comes a prison pen pal service that connects men with female prisoners who want love and relationships.

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From simple revenue models to familiarity with their customers, niche dating site creators believe they have a handle on their specific market.

We also asked online daters what drove them to join the super-tailored sites and whether they have found love in the digital world.

If you think that sounds like the start of a "Dateline NBC" true crime story, you aren't alone.

Gothic Match This firm describes itself as "the first, the largest and the best online Gothic social networking site for Gothic singles in the world." In a similar vein, there's, which says it's the "No.

"In the unforgiving ocean of love, let us be your lighthouse." Mullet Passions Here's one for people who like the mullet hairstyle — "business upfront and party in the back." The website says members typically enjoy such recreational activities as wrestling, country music and monster trucks.

Paranormal Date This connects singles based on their shared interest in "the paranormal, science, life after death, ghost stories, Bigfoot, UFOs, alternative medicine and conspiracy theories." The website's slogan is "You Are Not Alone." When Paranormal Date launched last summer, Meyers mocked it: "A new dating service has launched which aims to set up people interested in ghosts, UFOs and conspiracy theories, called Paranormal Date.Dating sites, especially those catering to single women online can be found throughout the World Wide Web, with themes from searching for friends to possibly much more.While there are few, if any, membership parameters (aside from the obvious prerequisite of being single), this is a terrific opportunity to meet great new friends and spend cyber time with people that can relate to your lifestyle, goals and interests.It connects with Facebook (FB) to import your personal details and polls users on their favorite kind of bacon."Late Night" host Meyers provided his own view on the app: "Oscar Mayer has come out with a new dating app which promises to pair up singles who love bacon, called Sizzl.Sea Captain Date You could find your first mate here, a dating site that connects men and women who share a love of the ocean.

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