Dating control freak women

They can come from just about any background and socioeconomic status.What they have in common is the need for control and the compulsion to exert that control in their intimate relationships. The short answer is no, you did nothing wrong — except maybe fail to see the early warning signs and run for the hills.Why would a controlling man change when he has all of the perks of being controlling?

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He will dominate a conversation, interrupt you, or make snide comments about what you have said. If you want to be alone, he'll barge in and demand your attention.

If you try to point this out to him, he'll dismiss your concerns or turn the tables to make you feel guilty or wrong. If you want to talk, he'll turn on the TV and ignore you.

The most difficult part in the beginning is the confusion and shock. They will make your life so miserable that you simply give in. They don't like what you're wearing or how you speak. They always find the error or flaw in your successes.

Over time, you learn to just go along, which unfortunately trains the controlling man to tighten the reins. You rarely feel good enough around this person because they always have something to correct, something you could be doing better. By using subtle negative comments or overt criticisms, these men attempt to put a wedge between you and the people you care about and who love and support you.

He has array of psychological tools at his disposal to ensure you do what he wants or suffer the consequences.

The consequences range from ultimatums, manipulation, and threats to shaming, blaming, and shutting you down.He gives you the cold shoulder and the steely-eyed glare because dinner was served too late. This is fine if the guilt is merited, but with a controlling man it rarely is.They will find a way to make you feel bad about something you didn't do or have no responsibility for, and you'll do just about anything to escape that guilty feeling. They want to know where you are going, when you'll return, who you are texting, what you are saying, and every plan you are making.He won't say “I love you” unless you give in to his demand for a new car. Caring, sensitive people don't want to feel like they've caused someone pain or anger, especially someone they love.He withholds sex because you spent the day with your sister. They want to get back into their loved one's good graces.The charm turned into manipulation, and his kindness hinged on your towing the line.


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