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Whether you choose a modern affair, or a wedding sprinkled with the customs of the island's people, a Dominican Republic destination wedding will leave you with memories you'll want to share with your grandchildren.

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Another custom that is different in the Dominican Republic is that weddings do not consist of large bridal parties, rather just the bride and the groom, three young relatives who carry flowers, coins, and the bible down the aisle, and the padrinos, or godparents of the wedding.

The padrinos are typically the mother of the groom and the father of the bride, and are there to serve as witnesses to the marriage.

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This should be done at least two weeks before your wedding date.

After the couple has received permission to wed, and arrived in the Dominican Repulic, they should take (USD) and the following documents (all translated into Spanish) to the Oficialia de Estado Civil: It is also a requirement that the bride and groom each have two witnesses that are not family members.

Couples may get married the vary same day they arrive in the Dominican Republic, providing they have received permission and supplied the registrar with the required documentation.


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