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Stacy's torso was nearly sliced in two, her throat was cut to her windpipe and her wrist was slashed to the bone. Ward was on probation for a burglary in Missouri at the time and had a dozen convictions for public indecency/indecent exposure. Aggravating circumstances: Rape/criminal deviate conduct, on probation or parole, mutilation/torture.Conviction: Murder, rape and criminal deviate conduct. Mitigating circumstances: Dysfunctional family, education, and social environment, parents separated and divorced, mental retardation, low intelligence, mental illness and instability, exhibitionism disorder. WEISHEITClark County (change of venue from Vanderburgh County)Date of murders: April 10, 2010. Summary: Weisheit was convicted for setting a fire that killed Alyssa Lynch, 8, and Caleb Lynch, 5. He fled the scene and was arrested in Kentucky after On Star located his vehicle.

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During the investigation, police found the body of a missing Charlestown, Ind., woman buried in his back yard and also connected him to a 2003 killing. Mitigating circumstances: No significant prior criminal record, depression and mental abnormalities, irresistible impulse. Summary: Kelly Eckart was an 18-year-old freshman at Franklin College working her way through school with a part-time job at Wal-Mart. 27, 1997, she left work, met briefly with her boyfriend and then drove toward her home in Shelby County. The next morning, her car was found abandoned in a rural area, with its lights on and keys in the ignition. Mitigating circumstances: Deprived and abusive childhood, schizotypal personality disorder/psychological deterioration, hallucination as a child including "demons," mother failed to seek mental help for him, three months in Marines before discharge for mental illness, he loves his children and nieces who idolize him, has only a misdemeanor criminal history, model prisoner since his incarceration.

MICHAEL DEAN OVERSTREETJohnson County Date of murder: Sept. Four days later, her partially nude body was found in a ravine in Brown County. Dearborn County (change of venue from Morgan County)Date of murder: Victim died July 10, 2001, from June 14, 2001, shooting. Summary: Morgan County Deputy Dan Starnes had information that Pruitt had been involved in a burglary a few days earlier in Bloomington and may have stolen guns in his vehicle. Pruitt had a scanner in his car, and it is believed he overheard Starnes say he was going to search the vehicle. A gun battle ensued, with Starnes suffering five gunshot wounds to his chest and abdomen. Pruitt also shot at Starnes' 19-year-old son, Ryan, who was in the vehicle as part of a summer internship program. Aggravating circumstances: Victim was law enforcement officer.

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When police tried to stop his car, Weisheit led them on a high-speed chase before Stop Sticks disabled his car. Aggravating factors: Multiple victims, their young ages.

He then charged officers, screaming "shoot me." After his arrest, Weisheit admitted stuffing a dish towel in Caleb's mouth and using duct tape to bind his arms behind his back. Autopsies revealed the children were alive when the fire was set.

Conviction: Murder (three counts), burglary, theft. Melissa, who was napping upstairs, was awakened by Stacy's screams.

From the top of the stairs Melissa saw Ward on top of Stacy. ," while Ward said, "You better be quiet." Ward was still at the scene, covered with blood and pocket knife in hand, when police arrived.

His 140-day trial was at the time believed to be the longest and most expensive in Indiana history. Mitigating circumstances: He has shown that he could be safely imprisoned for life without parole, some multiple murderers are in the Indiana Department of Correction and not on death row.

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