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I can't seem to like solid state amps live on stage for non-clean sounds. Example, "Creep" by Radiohead, World Hit, the band's breakthrough song, guitar through a cheap, rubbish, Fender solid state amp. As an aside, these days I always record a clean DI signal in addition to the normal amp-mic-signal. Add an amp sim to the clean signal and blend or replace as you desire...

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He also throws in S-Gear2 amp modeling software just to mix things up even further.“Can you hear the difference between a tube amp, solid-state amp, and amp modeling software? “Take the challenge and find out.”When you’re done, check out Darrell’s other great videos on his You Tube channel.

Fender Amps repeatedly deliver genre defining sounds - Fender is arguably the most familiar name in the electric guitar world.

I say that because I asked myself the same thing then tested and realized why. I also have a tube amp combo that's very adjustable and can even work for lower volume rehearsals. I place it very near the speaker grill, straight in, between the center of the cone and the speaker edge. I usually adjust the amp from there and if I can't dial in a sound real quick I'll start moving the mic closer to the edge.

All that being said I have a spankin small solid state amp I just built, I love it but it isn't my tube amp, different tool, different use. I like less high end, so that seems to work for me.

Guitarist Darrell Braun has been serving up blind comparisons of guitars in his videos for quite some time now.

In this new video, he compares amps, specifically a Mesa/Boogie Blue Angel tube amp and a Fender Deluxe 90 solid-state model.

The more you test it, the better your understanding and stronger your intuition about how you need to position the mic relative to the amp, and position the amp in the room, to get the sound that you need for the mix for that song.


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