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Not only largest country of the world with respect to area and most important population but also richest in providing more job opportunities to its local as well as people of other countries of the world so this country is considered as emerging super power as due to its large population therefore this country is still enough to control every field or sector of its country and not required well people from other countries.

They are going well in fields of medical or business, pharmaceuticals, and also industry or technology which is because the economy of this country as much strong to give jobs to and qualified person so index of job opportunities goes beyond the 74.84 with millions of jobs every year.

So the fields in which they are domination are Mobile phone technology, IT Sector therefore people which are expert in these field have more jobs with handsome salaries therefore the average index of job opportunities of this country is larger than that of all countries in the world which is 82.56.

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So let’s take a look a list at Top countries with highest job opportunities in the world 2016.

A famous state of the world which is situated on the border of United States of America as this country has large number of opportunities of jobs not only or its local inhabitants but also for foreigners, according to area of this country which is so small but has given large number of venues for the work of people, therefore people those are working here also earn large amount of money but higher paid jobs required bit type of experience but low paid jobs are easily available.

This is all depends upon the how much economy of that country is growing so countries which are well sustained always have more professionals, experienced and qualified staff.

Another reason of good jobs also depends upon the education level of that region because if education level is best then there are more opportunities of jobs as well.

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A country which is named as Hong Kong that is able to provide destinations or opportunities of jobs for skilled and professionals from all over the world therefore this country is included in the richest countries of the world with respect to its income per capita, as compare to government sectors of this country, private sector is providing more job opportunities with wide range in growing fields of technology, information technology and biotechnology but government sectors also providing much amount of jobs but to qualified people therefore according to the latest and new survey in this country average job opportunity level is going more than that of 80.73.

Richest country which has more stability in economy therefore it has more income per capita because considered top 10 richest countries in the world, as compare to all sectors in this country Industry field is giving large amount of jobs than that of all therefore there are large number of opportunities for qualified expert people in country like Singapore.

As talk about the index of Job opportunities in this country that is increasing day by day with great speed, now on the position of 73.42 which shows also development level in the country.

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