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While Trevor waited on the runway to meet his unknown employer, he noticed not one, but two dust trails coming up the road, despite the fact that he was told there'd only be one person meeting him with the cargo.Michael exited the first vehicle, while an older civilian exited the second.

After a few months of dating, Amanda became pregnant with their two children Jimmy and Tracey while living at a trailer park in the Midwest. Michael began to see that he had a lot more to lose if he was ever killed or imprisoned and started to keep to himself over time as a criminal and was much more careful - much to Trevor's annoyance, who saw Michael as "soft".

A few years later, Trevor met Brad Snider, a fellow crook and future accomplice of Michael and Trevor.

At some point in 2004, Michael met FIB agent Dave Norton.

Michael made a clandestine agreement with the FIB to cut ties with Trevor and Brad in exchange for government protection.

The only way I'm content and competent is with a gun in my hand or a price on my head." Michael was born in either 1965 or 1968, possibly in the Midwest, which would explain why he spent some of his criminal career in North Yankton or on the East Coast, possibly indicating why he committed his first robbery in the outskirts of Carcer City.

As a child, he didn't have the luxuries and privileges that his own children have and grew up in the deprived environment of a trailer park with his parents.Meanwhile, his midlife crisis pushes him to his ultimate snapping point."I'm just a fat washed up jock who can't get his head around the fact his high school football career didn't play out the way that he planned.Michael met his future wife Amanda when she was working as a stripper at a strip club.After flirting with each other, the couple started a romantic relationship.Trevor stated that the experience was horrible, as the flare was still burning from the inside of the man's skull as they dropped him off into the lake.


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