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However, there was a transitional period where models were still produced with both copied and original designs.

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Your guitar appears to be a Les Paul Custom copy that Ibanez labeled Model 2391.

According to the serial number, it was built in November 1977, which is considered a transitional period.

The volume and tone knobs have rubber inserts around them for a better grip, which Ibanez called Sure-Grip knobs.

There is some belt buckle wear on the back along with some hardware oxidation, but overall the guitar appears to be in excellent condition.

While most readers understand what a “lawsuit era” guitar refers to, others may not and I’ll try to summarize the term.

In the early 1970s, American guitar manufacturers (particularly Gibson, Fender, and Martin) were experiencing a steady decline in production quality while more Japanese- built guitars were showing up in the American market.Can you tell me more about Ibanez’s lawsuit guitars and how much this is worth today?Thanks, Chris Natale NYC Many Japanese-copied “lawsuit era” guitars under names like Greco, Aria, Tokai, and Ibanez have taken on an almost cult-like status today among many guitar collectors.By the mid-‘70s, these Japanese guitars consisted of mostly blatant copies of popular American designs and the quality was much better than people wanted to admit.In 1977, Gibson sued the Elger Company (the distributor of Ibanez instruments in the U. at the time) and demanded they stop producing copies of their instruments, specifically their headstocks.For most copy, budget, and value instruments from the 1960s and 1970s, I’ve noticed that they raise and lower in value proportionally to vintage and collectible instruments, which is the case for this Ibanez.


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