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As of Friday morning, all north end beach paths in Avalon are open as that part of the project has been completed and the contractor has de-mobilized.

Beach paths from 79th Street in Avalon to 87th Street in Stone Harbor are closed, but the contractor will open beach paths from 84th Street to 87th Street this morning.

This may be the final update from the Borough of Avalon on this project, the 45th update since this project began.

Avalon/Stone Harbor Beach Fill Update May 27th, am Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company reports that the south Avalon beach fill is expected to conclude early this afternoon.

Kohler’s Bakery is pleased to offer USPS Priority Shipping in the continental U. on Monday and Tuesday until the end of our annual summer season.

Please reserve your shipping date as limited availability for each date is offered.

Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company has left the south end beaches of Avalon with no beach closures remaining in Avalon.

Currently beach paths in Stone Harbor are closed from 82nd Street to 85th Street.

The beach fill resumes today as the wind has calmed and the seas are no longer rough.


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