Dating in taskent uzbekistan

Until now, I rented a nice 100 square meters in Darhan, one of the best district, for 650us$/month to an owner that I know, but he recently found a long-term expat tenant. A guy named Anton owned the but he moved to Russia.The site is still here but i don't know if it is still operating.There is BTW many good and atmospheric restaurants in Tashkent.

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What strikes immediatly is the astonishing variety of women that covers all the types you can dream about and that is truly unparallelled on the planet.

Tashkent carry an insane number of tall and gorgeous women from all ethnicities. Nonetheless I am perhaps not totally objective as I have a fascination for persian looks combined with hot russian bodies, exactly one of the types that abounds in Tashkent.

The big (and rather ugly) Uzbekistan hotel is a favorite of the turk mongers.

Rates vary from us$140 for top-notch to $50 for mid-level. People in Tashkent are not used to see foreigners staying in apartments BTW. The owner of your apartment will do it for you, but it's not always easy. Two times I had to pass through a guesthouse to register (for a small daily fee), and the other times all went well - this for the same apartment. The official currency in Uzbekistan is the Soum of which 2500 is equal to 1€ (2800 to 3000 at black market).

Just ask to see the consul and be friendly with him. They are fairly slow and totally desorganized though , so waiting lines are often long.

The legendary Central Asian hospitality is not a myth. Coming from the west, Aeroflot, Air Baltic, Turk Air and Uzbekistan Airways are about the only choices. They is a VIP service for arrival that is quite convenient, and whose cost is . Almost none on Airbnb, and google seaches don't give much results.

Taxis and girls never believe that I am NOT staying in a hotel. In Tashkent, the only very few Westerners I usually see are at the Irish Pub or at the Chelsea - and it's usually potbellied guys. The biggest bill is 1000 soums and is worth only about 0.30 €. You literally have to go out with HUGE wads of money filling your pockets.

There's no western bank in Uzbekistan, and at most five or six ATMs in the whole city (notally one in Intercontinental and one in Uzbekistan Hotel, both operated by NBU - National Bank of Uzbekistan) ...which are frequently out of service ! As changing in banks is a bit time-consuming, I use to change my $$ either in bars or pubs, either to the informal money changers hanging around in front of Mir Mall (very reliable guys).

I was surrounded by tatar-ethnic, russian-ethnic, korean-ethnic, persian-ethnic, ect beauties, all dressed in too short skirts or small shorts, minimalist tops and fuck-me heels.

I then decided that Tashkent will be my new favorite place on the planet.

BTW Anton was a decent and helpful guy, but he charged an outrageous for an airport pick-up, wich is really expensive as taxis to center cost at max.

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