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From bearded men only to double dating, here’s 10 dating apps you need to be on in 2016. Voicecandy An app with an audio twist, Voicecandy connects people by choosing an icebreaker question and allowing you to record and listen to spontaneous replies.They say you can tell a lot by a person’s voice – and this app proves exactly that. Howaboutwe What better way to get to know someone than over a few beers in a pub – or not.

No problem, ‘app’ him up the next day to continue the conversation. Double The dating app as seen on Dragon’s Den, Double takes the awkwardness out of that first date by allowing you to bring a friend – even the profiles are plus one.

Certainly more relaxed than an intense one on one – allowing for the fact that four people are organised enough to sync there diaries, which cancels me out. Happn While most apps are often seen as poor imitations of Tinder, Happn seems to be the one that’s created a niche of its own and by connecting you with people you ‘cross in the street’, it adds an element of real life fate to the impersonal world of virtual dating.

These days, we’re being told, first dates are less about beer and more about doing something edgy and unique.

This dating app connects people by interests and hobbies rather than generic profile stats – and allows people to find dates in their area based on what they like doing.

That said, I never encounter this at all in Tbilisi.

That’s why I said “in theory” – as far as I know, women do have men in their lives who would seek to defend their honor and safety, but in practice women police themselves and each other and very rarely do men step in and interfere in women’s day to day activities.

In Georgia, relationships do in fact carry more of an expectation of marriage from a much earlier point.

Relationships are indeed expected to have less physical intimacy – and since sexual intercourse is only for married people and oral sex is only for whores, Georgians who date each other have to either brazenly violate social taboos or limit themselves to cutesy G-rated eyelash-batting nonsense, which is often cited as the reason why so many Georgians get married at such a young age.

Let this post be considered a retrospective, a reevaluation, an update. I mean, objectively speaking, we were told all of the things that I said we were told at orientation, and whether you agree with what we were told or not, we were definitely told those things.

I remember sitting in my kitchen, drinking Vodka-Nabeghlavi and listening to my friend who lived in Imereti tell me about her experiences with men in Georgia – the cab driver who pulled his cab over three times on the way to my house to ask her to marry him; the sleazy TLG volunteer who kept hitting on her and every other TLG woman in the most desperate and obvious way possible – and I remember waking up the next morning and writing a blog post about what the situation was in Georgia with regards to getting laid, with basically two purposes in mind: one, shaming the current male volunteers into not acting like cocks with legs, and two, informing potential future TLG volunteers what the heterosexual marketplace looked like in the country so they could, like, mentally prepare themselves.

“men are expected to be sexually experienced when they get married and women are expected to be virgins.” This is something that we were told at orientation, and it is totally true.


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