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You are very much the creator of your love choices, but it looks so random because you are mostly doing it subconsciously.

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Those things that won’t go away because they are ingrained in that person’s character.

You have to love that part, because that’s what you’ll be waking up every day. So if you want more than you feel you can give, work on developing those qualities in yourself.

Tsunami survivor Petra was previously engaged to photographer Simon Atlee, who tragically died in the disaster, and also recently dated Brit singer James Blunt.

You know that thing Google does when you start a phrase in the search box, gives you suggestions to end it based on most popular searches? It was only when I realised I had to look for more than a charming personality in a guy that I broke the spell of constantly falling for the Peter Pan type.

And unfortunately there is no way around that process.

Partners are not there to make us happy and fulfilled.

They are a way life challenges us to change and grow into stronger and happier individuals.

So it brings us people that will do just that – challenge us to become better versions of ourselves.

But sometimes we get stuck repeating the same mistake over and over again, and that’s where we often start wondering why we have such bad luck. You choose and attract certain people and not others for a reason, and your partners do the same.

You don’t get paired up by some cruel universe lottery.

Think about what got you drawn to someone when you were 15 versus 25 versus later in life.

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