Dating lunar rocks

The word is derived from the combination of two Greek words – rhegos (which means “blanket”) and lithos (which means “rock).Earth: On Earth, regolith takes the form of dirt, soil, sand, and other components that are formed as a result of natural weathering and biological processes.

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It can be made up of clays, silicates, various minerals, groundwater, and organic molecules.

Regolith on Earth can vary from being essentially absent to being hundreds of meters thick.

Regolith is also important for human beings since it has been used since the dawn of civilization (in the form of mud bricks, concrete and ceramics) to build houses, roads, and other civil works. dirt, mud, etc.) and “sand” is the presence of organic materials.

In the former, it exists in abundance, and is what separates regolith on Earth from most other terrestrial environments in our Solar System.

This is due to the fact that the Moon has no atmosphere or flowing water on it, and hence no natural weathering process.

When the micro-meteoroids slammed into the surface and created all the particles, there was no process for wearing down its sharp edges.

However, landings performed by robotic Surveyor spacecraft showed that the lunar soil was firm enough to support a spacecraft, and astronauts later explained that the surface of the Moon felt very firm beneath their feet.

During the Apollo landings, the astronauts often found it necessary to use a hammer to drive a core sampling tool into it.

Lunar dust is very abrasive, and has been noted for its ability to wear down spacesuits and electronics.


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