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I’m not say people never coupled off, but it was frowned upon and created awkwardness in the group.

Similarly, dating at work has become challenging if not an out right no-no.

Dating namaste

Plus, in the bar and coffee shop, you risk falling for someone that’s a bad fit in terms of education, career, religion, culture, politics and so much more.

If online dating is so great, how did people get married before?

Women need to read my dating self-defense article to learn how to protect themselves from the three most dangerous types of men.

Most people need to read my article on saying no since so many people struggle with this and the necessity occurs so frequently in dating.

As a dating coach, I still run across people that say they desperately want to meet someone, but in the next breath say they could never get online because they would feel like a loser or some other excuse.

The only excuse I couldn’t refute was the attorney that worried it would be used against him in court by opposing counsel. Ten years ago the perception that online dating was for losers may have been true.

Well, people generally met one of four ways: at church, through work or school, at the local bar or social event or through friends and family. I made some great single friends and it fed my soul, but I quickly realized that most single groups at churches have unwritten rules against dating within the group.

Now you are probably starting to realize why online dating is so popular. Namely, that the single group exists for mutual support and companionship and not to pair off.

If however, you are sure you’ve met your soul mate and you both can’t bear to be apart, at least keep it a secret as long as possible.

Also, one of you needs to work on finding a different job.

Many people complain about how awful online dating is and I’m not denying that, but blaming online dating for still being single is like blaming the gym for why you are not in shape.


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