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"Never in my wildest dreams did I think I was going out with a criminal," said the woman, whose face and voice were disguised for the broadcast interview.

ABC reported that charges are pending in the case, and it quoted Wurtzel's attorney as saying that the incident was "a consensual sexual encounter." The class action names as plaintiffs, along with "Jane Doe," all of's paying female members from August 2010 to the present.

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Our goal is to prevent people who seem intent on harming others from joining the service," e Harmony said in a statement e-mailed to CNN.

"As a matter of course, e Harmony does not conduct full criminal background checks.

The Los Angeles Times reported that the plaintiff's attorney has said he will ask a Los Angeles County judge to issue a temporary injunction barring from signing up more members until his client's demands for criminal screening are met.

The statement from's president cautioned that despite the background checks, the website could not guarantee "the actions of all its members." "We want to stress that while these checks may help in certain instances, they remain highly flawed, and it is critical that this effort does not provide a false sense of security to our members," Ginsberg's statement said.

"is a fantastic service, having changed the lives of millions of people through the relationships and marriages it has given rise to, but people have to exercise common sense and prudence with people they have just met, whether through an online dating service or any other means," Ginsberg said.

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