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Francophone Quebecers will therefore often use the term New France (Nouvelle-France) when referring to Canada (New France), and the term Canadien, at one time used to refer to the French-speaking populations of colonial Canada, was replaced by the term Canadien-Français (French-Canadian), and more recently by Québécois.

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After being fired from his job, Carter returns to his home only to find that his fiance is having fun with a vibrator.

When Annie's friend Jodie bakes a banana bread for her new flame Charlie, he feels threatened and tells her they should just be friends.

Canada, the most developed colony of New France, was divided into three districts, Québec, Trois-Rivières, and Montréal, each with its own government.

The governor of the District of Quebec was also the governor-general of all New France.

Pamela Adlon was originally cast as Colleen in the unaired pilot episode.

She was replaced by Constance Zimmer in the subsequent aired episodes.Following the destruction of the Huron homeland in 1649 by the Iroquois, the French destroyed the mission themselves and left the area.In what are today Ontario and the eastern prairies, various trading posts and forts were built such as Fort Kaministiquia (1679), Fort Frontenac (1673), Fort Saint Pierre (1731), Fort Saint Charles (1732) and Fort Rouillé (1750). Marie (1688) would later be split by the Canada–US border.Before changes could be made, showrunner Cindy Chupack departed for personal reasons.NBC was forced to move Love Bites to midseason 2010–11, and The Apprentice up to fall 2010 to take the timeslot.Francophone populations in the Maritime provinces apart from northwestern New Brunswick are, however, more likely to be descended from the settlers of the French colony of Acadia, and therefore still call themselves Acadians.


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