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“Week #3 he was saying that he loved me and that his grandmother was very sick and that he needed my help.

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You’ve painted a pretty appealing picture of yourself on the match making website of your choice.

Your profile is primed and ready for its grand debut.

Sluppick has found it’s usually those who are middle-aged and older – and an equal number of men and women – who tend to fall victim to scammers.

Your love interest may be an impostor How can you protect yourself? Experts warn that the scammers usually want you to immediately leave the online dating website, and instead communicate by email, phone or instant message.

How a romance scam works Chances are you’ve tried an online dating site in hopes of finding true love.

Unfortunately, scammers post fake profiles and pictures on these same sites in hopes of finding deep pockets.

“The victims are legitimately in love, legitimately care for this person. They’re thinking emotionally, not cognitively.” In some cases, victims have bought wedding dresses, engagement rings or made wedding plans with someone they’ve never met, Nofziger says.

“The victims often don’t have doubts because scammers are so good at nurturing relationships,” says Todd Kossow, director of the Midwest region of the Federal Trade Commission, which collects scam reports.

From J-Date, the “premier Jewish singles community online,” we have this complaint, sent by the users’ mother, describing what she believes to be threat to homeland security.


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