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So it's an Adventist girl they want to marry; and children raised as Adventists.

Adventists have also interpreted the mark of the beast spoken about in Revelation as Sunday Worship. Adventists also follow the dietary laws of Leviticus.

Travnik has a continental climate, located between the Adriatic sea to the South and Pannonia to the North. Average winter temperature on the other hand is a cold 0.5 °C (32.9 °F). Although there is evidence of some settlement in the region dating back to the Bronze Age, the true history of Travnik begins during the first few centuries AD.

Dating from this time there are numerous indications of Roman settlement in the region, including graves, forts, the remains of various other structures, early Christian basilicas, etc.

So foods off the menu include pork, duck, shellfish, plaice, rabbit, horse, frogs, cats, dogs, squid, & ostrich; and all the other birds listed in Leviticus that are described as unclean. However less usual foods like bison is OK; because Bison both chew the cud and have divided hoofs.

( I mention cats and dogs because I attract Asian girls ! That's the test in Leviticus to decide what mammals are OK for food and those that are not.

Travnik itself is built in the large Lašva valley, which connects the Bosna river valley in the east with the Vrbas river valley in the west.

Travnik is found 514 metres (1,686 feet) above sea level.Because The New Testament teaches believers should not be unequally yoked with non-believers.SDAs consider themselves to be the only true Christian denomination; the last day remnant church spoken about in The Revelation.In the Middle Ages the Travnik area was known as the župa Lašva province of the medieval Bosnian Kingdom.The area is first mentioned by Bela IV of Hungary in 1244.Discos and cinemas and wine bars are considered to be "places of the world".


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