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Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. The JW mindset does affect his relationships in that if one does not agree with the JW interpretations, he will be offended.

Hey all, just curious how many ex Jehovah's Witnesses on here, and seeing as I have your attention, how do you feel that past "way of life" has affected how you are in a relationship, what you look for in a partner, traditions, etc.. These kinds of religions don't usually look kindly on different points of view; so I imagine all ex-JWs would need to examine that about themselves and see that it is okay to have a personal interpretation and relationship with God.

For example, they quote many of the founding fathers to prove that the Trinity cannot be true, however, those exact same writings they quoted from, specifically point out there being three persons in one God: Father, Son, Holy Spirit.

The point is, JW's SHOULD be allowed to read the founding fathers, since considering they quote them in JW literature, there should be no reason it's considered "anti-JW" material. just let them read it for themselves and it will all be very obvious... I still hold some of the beliefs to heart, but after being a JW for so long, and seeing all that a person does as a long time member, things swept under the rug, not to question, how that 3 men, (elders) can decide if a person is repentant or not is just wrong.

The damage they cause can be immeasurable in family circles, they honestly believe they have the TRUTH - it's laughable.

I won't go into detail here but that religion had caused me more grief, between mother / sister / girlfriend, than all others could do in many of the difficulty with Jehovah's Witnesses, is that before you join, they're all smiles and joy filled and kind and accommodating.

I was dfed for being involved with a pretend JW, who was a con artist. I was told I was not repentant and 3 years of doing all the things expected, attending meetings, reading, praying, studying, witnessing to others...time after time I was told I was still not repentant.

Thus if Jehovah God speaks thru the elders, 3 men are on your committee to judge you, and 3 times I was told no, then I finally accepted that God did not want me.

They decided to start requiring that people not question any of their teachings, and not to even research other beliefs and stuff because looking at materials that aren't JW published is made akin to being in league with the devil and puts your salvation in jeopardy.

So it's tough speaking to a JW because they aren't allowed to consider anything you say, for fear of being booted and thinking they will lose favour with God. If you ever have a JW come to your door, ask that they read the founding fathers (of the early Christian Church).

I know the abuse they must certainly put up with and because of that, I feel those who do go door-to-door must have strong religious conviction.


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