Dating site chicken egg problem

All eggs are liable to internal contamination as the last part to form is the outer skin. Really fresh eggs don't make good boiled eggs as they are hard to peel, so should I want to set some eggs aside to age for a week, where should I keep those?

I have used supermarkets in many parts of the world and have yet to see one where the eggs are stocked in a chilled condition.

My tour of Ireland occurred in 1993 so I have forgotten my experience there.

The cold does make them last, but constant changes in temperature can make them go off quicker.

They should be kept nearer the back of the fridge, where the temperature is more constant.

The best part of boiling a refrigerated egg is that your time to a perfect boiled egg will be very consistent, a room temperature egg has a variable starting point and that is bad for timings.

In conclusion refrigeration is all advantage, it may be possible that egg producers are the only ones to gain from room temperature storage as eggs go bad in about 2 weeks at 25 degrees centigrade, in a frig at 7 degrees they will last a minimum of a month.And frozen eggs are edible for years after they are laid, but you might as well eat shoe leather!Eggs should be kept in a fridge as they need a constant temperature.He claimed that if the egg was cracked into a frying pan straight from the fridge and cooked until it looked OK, the yolk would only be blood warm and since the yolks at that time were sometimes contaminated by salmonella, this could be harmful.Eggs will last longer in the fridge, provided you don't put them in the door.Eggs have to be stored at less than 20 degrees centigrade.


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