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Listen, she’s not conventional by the thesaurus definition of the word.Last year when she released her debut album, she wore a robe with symmetrical designs for a music video for “Kite’m Kriye”, one of the songs on her album.Her full lips, painted with fuschia lipstick, mouthed the empowering lyrics, while she stared boldly at her reflection in the mirror.

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"I hope that we will be able to forge a united Haiti to be able to speak with one voice and that our voices are heard in this huge reconstruction that we will have to face." But he also expressed optimism that film would help bring people together and play an important role in Haiti's future.

Haiti has a very "vivid" cultural life and there are many cinematic projects going on, he said.

I have a great connection with my fans, especially when I play live.

It is always almost a shock when they started signing every word of my song which is a great feeling.

Peck called it a fable about what happens to democratically-elected leaders after they assume power.

He said he hopes the film will shine a light "on the struggles for democracy that have been burning" in Haiti for the past three and a half decades.

I cannot complain [about] how my album is working out here. Kreyolicious: Do you already have another album on the horizon?

I am still pushing my first album, but I am now working on my next one. Text arrangements, lyrics, melody etc…of course with the help of people like BIC and Poppy Duverne ect…

Peck said he wants to bring together the many individuals he's been involved with in politics and civil society over the years to "improve communication, coordination." "What I know I can do is to bring those wheels together and to try to build something stronger," said Peck.


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