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Ask the Tourist Office to recommend a tour guide that knows where the Wirebirds live, or contact the St Helena National Trust. 15: I’m a journalist writing about St Helena, can I ask you some questions? As long as you make sure you only visit and ignore the mimics you can be assured of the best information from a safe website. Most mobile ‘phones now work on St Helena, though it does depend on whether it’s compatible with our Mobile Network, and on whether Sure South Atlantic Limited has enabled roaming for your particular service provider. We can’t guarantee it, but if you want to see a Wirebird it’s very likely you will succeed. 30: Can you help me research my family’s history on St Helena?

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This site is sponsored by the Moonbeams Shop, selling cards, gifts & souvenirs in Jamestown, St Helena.

The site is edited by John Turner, who moved to St Helena with his family in 2005 and aims to stay here for the rest of his life!

Born in Bithynia, Asia Minor (present-day Turkey), circa 248, St.


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