Dating taiwanese girls 10 rules for dating

Not only do they not fit in with the culture, but they will be constantly expected to be something they are not - a local Taiwanese.This will lead to an identity crisis and conflict, because they are accustomed to acting American or Westernized and asserting themselves as proud individuals. Asians are not supposed to act like Westerners in Taiwan. Thus, an Americanized Taiwanese will feel like they cannot "be themselves" in Taiwan, which is very awkward indeed.I've seen some of the older generation Taiwanese show some semblance of having a soul or emotions, but the young adult generation definitely seem empty and hollow with plastic exteriors.

Their behavior is conditioned through "negative reinforcement" in the form of fear, abuse, scolding, guilt trips, overly strict parenting, etc.

The result of this is that they become weak, insecure, subservient, and taught to live in fear by their parents, peers, culture and media.

(Note: While the above may not apply to Westernized Taiwanese, you will not see many of them in Taiwan because most of them will either be living overseas, or taking extensive trips abroad, where they fit in better.

Also, not surprisingly, Taiwanese Americans and Asian Americans (whose personalities are Westernized) will usually not be comfortable living in Taiwan.

Their faces are passionless and robotic, as if their soul and humanity has been squashed, suppressed or drained out of them.

It's very sad and scary, like an inhuman society from the Twilight Zone.It's also kind of depressing when you see that people are empty shells here because it leaves you wondering "How can humans descend into such a state of being?" What's scary is that you know deep down that you don't want to become like them, thus being around them could have a toxic negative effect on you.The truth is, Taiwan is not a good place if you are seeking a great social scene, free-flowing fun, personal happiness, love, romance or passion.Taiwan’s social culture and social conditioning are simply not conducive to these things. It is very hard to meet people, as they are not open with strangers but very closed in nature. An individual is worthless and insignificant in Taiwan, and seen as a loser without a group. Rather, it is for the empty conformist with no individual identity who seeks to follow and conform.What this means is that you are dependent on others for your social life. It takes confidence, assertiveness and social skills to talk to strangers.


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