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For example, the development of Otrobanda was not restricted by ramparts and houses were built on spacious lots and resembled plantation houses surrounded by galleries.

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The people of the Netherlands established a trading settlement at a fine natural harbour on the Caribbean island of Curaçao in 1634.

Willemstad ontwikkelde zich in de daaropvolgende eeuwen gestaag.

De moderne stad bestaat uit een aantal verschillende historische wijken waarvan de architectuur niet alleen de Europese stedenbouwkundige concepten weerspiegelt, maar ook stijlen uit Nederland en Spaanse en Portugese koloniale steden waarmee Willemstad samenwerkte.

It was established by the Dutch on the island of Curaçao, situated in the southern Caribbean, near the tip of South America.

Starting with the construction of Fort Amsterdam in 1634 on the eastern bank of Sint Anna Bay, the town developed continuously over the following centuries.

وقد نمت المدينة بصورة متواصلة في خلال العصور اللاحقة.

وهي تتضمن أحياء تاريخية متميّزة تعكس هندستها الأنماط الرائجة في هولندا كما تلك المعروفة في المدن الاستعمارية الاسبانية والبرتغالية التي كانت تشهد حركة تجارية مع ويلمستاد.

In the 18th century, local materials and craftsmanship as well as new architectural elements, such as galleries, began to appear.

As the city expanded beyond Punda, the architectural style of the residences evolved.

In the midst of the historic area is a natural deep-water harbour.

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