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The first time I met Abby was actually freshman year, we were in the same platoon for Military Science Lab.But the only thing I heard about her was that she was the girl who starred in a Made episode.

Being cadre together was like breathing air- it was natural, one person would be doing one thing, while the other seamlessly did whatever else needed to be done.

Even though I was the rock of the cadre we had- he was always able to make me crack by yelling "BLUE FALCON! So, becoming cadre, becoming 20 freshmen's worst nightmare, ended with me meeting my dream guy.

After that I didn't have any interactions with her until junior year, and found out that she would be on the same cadre staff as me, 12-1-2.

The year started smoothly, after Abby was a little late joining the platoon, because she was coming back from a Summer Training thing for the army.

But right when she joined the cadre team I knew that we would get along, but not that she would be the one that I get along with for the rest of my life.

Junior Year started a friendship that would blossom into a best friendship.

We're pretty much old people when it comes to dating, go to the movies and getting buttery popcorn is our favorite- and I dont' think that will change anytime soon.

So after being best friends for Junior year and most of Senior year, Abby and I started dating.

The Friv logo rotates through 360 degrees, one degree per frame.


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