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Maybe your experience with a Paleo diet might encourage them to eat more mindfully? If diet continues to be part of our identity then free-from dating sites will multiply but inevitably become more specialist.In time might we see dating sites or apps for people who don't have an allergy but would rather avoid this or that food, or for people who take specific supplements?

Dating your diet

Whilst you may get someone similar, your choices can equally deny you meeting someone else who you may like more despite and because of your differences.

But what about making choices based on the diet you follow?

Online dating sites are becoming increasingly specialist and it is now possible to stipulate that you want to meet people who are strictly, say, vegan or gluten free.

In fact there are dedicated sites for seemingly every diet going so maybe if you'd prefer a clean eating Paleo coeliac , then I am sure that's possible too.

Dating has changed somewhat since my day as the smartphone offers a potential connection to someone like-minded with just a swipe.

Thanks to technology you get to say a bit about you and look for someone else with specific characteristics.

Whilst I respect this as a professional, the romantic in me struggles with the notion of limiting ones choices so rigidly.

By identifying yourself with a way of eating aren't you barring people who might not know much about diet and would welcome your influence?

And if the story ends, will differing diets play any role? Some of the worlds most iconic love stories might never have happened had one of the pair fancied a steak sandwich on white bread every now and again.

Perhaps we might understand that what we eat is private and personal, so best not to judge anyone who makes a different choice to you.

Might Romeo and Juliet overcome their Montague and Capulet feud only to reject one another because Juliet thought that gluten-free diets weren't necessarily healthier and besides, if you aren't ceoliac then why eat like you have a food intolerance?


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