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The high speed of these two plates is primarily due to the slab pull force exerted along their northwestern boundaries (i.e., Forsyth and Uyeda ).

(2) The initial splitting phase of the composite proto-PSP under the plume influence at 54–48 Ma led to the formation of the long-lived West Philippine Basin and short-lived oceanic basins, part of whose crust has been ambiguously called “fore-arc basalts” (FABs).

(3) Shortening across the paleo-transform boundary evolved into thrusting within the Pacific Plate at 52–50 Ma, allowing it to subduct beneath the newly formed PSP, which was composed of an alternance of thick Mesozoic terranes and thin oceanic lithosphere.

(5) As the Pacific crust reached greater depths and the oceanic basins cooled and thickened at 44–45 Ma, the composition of the lavas evolved into high-Mg andesites and then arc tholeiites and calc-alkaline andesites.

(6) Tectonic erosion processes removed about 150–200 km of frontal margin during the Neogene, consuming most or all of the Pacific ophiolite initially accreted to the PSP.

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