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Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe urged in a New York Times op-ed Sunday for the international community to ramp up pressure against North Korea, zeroing on the notion that more diplomacy and dialogue with Pyongyang would be a "dead end," as Pyongyang would see more talks as proof that other countries "succumbed" to the threat of its missile launches.Book one: GRAVE WITCH Grave witch Alex Craft can speak to the dead, but that doesn’t mean she likes what they have to say . But even though she’s on good terms with Death himself—who happens to look fantastic in a pair of jeans—nothing has prepared her for her latest case. To solve this case Alex will have to team up with tough homicide detective Falin Andrews. With her love life in turmoil thanks to the disappearance of Fae Investigation Bureau agent Falin Andrews and a shocking L word confession from Death himself, Alex is eager for the distractions of work.

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Searching for the source of this drug—and its purpose—lands Alex front and center in the conflict brewing in Faerie, and she must find answers before she’s dragged so deep that she loses her freedom. Grave witch Alex Craft is no stranger to the dead talking. And yet reanimated corpses are committing crimes across Nekros City.

She raises shades, works with ghosts, and is dating Death himself. Alex’s investigation leads her deep into a web of sinister magic.

The whole series was gloriously self-aware, and essentially a parody of life in LA and maybe even the teen books on that subject. Thus: lots of wonderfully-hand-drawn pictures of the clothes described in the books. This is because Rachel Maude has the kind of supreme talent that makes people like me cry with envy. I’ve already mentioned the unresolved plot threads, but…really, it’s worth the double mention because I simply cannot entirely process the fact that I might never learn how the story turns out.

The first few books are just so excellently thought out in terms of what happens – there’s a mystery storyline in the first book mixed in with more standard high school-esque storylines about romance and fitting in and it’s all just a hell of a lot more gripping than ‘I fell in love with my new friend’s girlfriend and I’m so in love with her and hmmm wait I think I’m going to break it off . Maybe it’s to acknowledge that TEABS can suck but not even getting the chance to experience TEABS properly sucks even more.

But what kind of magic can overcome the human will to survive?

And why does the shade lack the memory of his death?When Briar Darque of the Magical Crimes Investigation Bureau gets involved, Alex finds herself with an unexpected ally of sorts.But as the dead continue to rise and wreak havoc on the living, can she get to the soul of the matter in time? But the personal takes a backseat to the professional when a mysterious suicide occurs in and Alex is hired to investigate.The shade she raises has no memory of the days leading up to his brutal ending, so despite the very public apparent suicide, this is murder.Sometimes this was because of a blatant disregard for continuity – a character in the first book was established as the plain Jane of the family, only to get described in the second book as basically the new Serena van der Woodsen. Which is great because…does anyone actually relate to the characters in the ’s case, it worked.

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