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Yagami Light is an ace student with great prospects, who's bored out of his mind.

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If Light doesn’t give the Death Note to Mia by midnight, he will die.

However, Light/Kira is never one to go down without a fight.

Also, there are two deaths that are exclusive to this adaptation’s timeline — the deaths of Mia and Watari (Paul Nakauchi).

In the anime, Mia’s clone Misa never dies, and Watari dies alongside L.

Here’s everything you need to know about that crazy conclusion. Throughout the movie, Mia (Margaret Qualley) becomes increasingly tired with her boyfriend’s newfound sense of morality.

Unbeknownst to Light, she steals a page of the Death Note and writes the names of the entire police team that was stalking Light as a murderous warning to the authorities.Available Now: Children of the Whales - To Your Eternity - Wake Up, Sleeping Beauty - Sword Oratoria - To Love-Ru - Helvetica Standard Bold - Gabriel Dropout - Devilman Grimoire - Frau Faust― Aakash asked: My question is in regards to license lengths.I know for DVDs and Blu-rays some licensees from publishers have expired for some older titles. As streaming is the big trend now, ...― Kyoto Animation is one of the most recognizable TV anime studios—and not without reason, as their productions are remarkably polished.The remainder of the series takes place five years after L’s death and follows his successors, Mello and Near.After several more elaborate plots, near death experiences, and instances of people hiding pages of the Death Note, L finally gets the justice he deserves. Based on the manga and anime of the same now, the Netflix movie follows what happens when one teenager gains the ability to kill anyone he wants and the battle with the law that follows. Though Light (Nat Wolff) was happy to kill petty criminals, drug lords, and his high school bully with the Death Note, he stops short of killing the officers assigned to the Kira case, including his own father.


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