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Authenticity became a key to a deeper level of intimacy and thus, awakening, for a broader range of the population.

What was starting to be taught was a being present with what is true and, crucially, being able to share this artfully in a way that develops intimacy.

From his beginnings in an abusive and alcoholic home in Wisconsin to becoming a major force in the counterculture movement, and then from a life on the run and in prison to a life in a monastery and in service, Denis Kelly’s journey is as entertaining as it is inspirational.

Keith Martin-Smith is a freelance writer in Boulder, CO, where he teaches Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, Buddhism, and writing.

This is where leader Decker Cunov started to make serious connections with the Integral world, developing a partnership with Robert Mc Naughton and taking over the Integral Boulder Center from Jeff Salzman.

This gave Circling a home grounded within a second tier base and leadership, and it started to spread from here.

After inspiration from working with both Guy and Decker they have now been leading the practice across Europe and America since 2012.

With their strong grounding in Integral theory they are starting to develop the practice while maintaining and building a stronger link with both The Integral Center and Guy Sengstock.

Around the same time Decker Cunov, Bryan Bayer, Shelly, Nicole, and Mark Lewis were also relating to each other in a completely different way from their contemporaries—a natural blend of their love for spirituality, meditation, psychology, and a whole host of Human Potential Movement and integral modalities that they called “Soul to Soul.” This early conception was then further co-developed by the Authentic Man Program (which later formed Authentic World), a company that was working with men and women to bring more consciousness around attraction, dating and relationships.

(While their main focus was on heterosexual relationships between gendered partners, their attention to the archetypical relationships between “masculine” and “feminine” parts of ourselves—that seem to naturally occur in almost all humans in one relationship or another—are a celebrated part of the history of Circling).

John Thompson and Sean Wilkinson came across Circling in 2008 when they were doing something similar but not as nuanced in a deeper understanding of the masculine and feminine.

Jordan Myska Allen encountered Circling in a similar fashion in 2012.

Culture seems to be evolving in a variety of directions, and we see Circling as part of a larger evolution of ways we can relate to each other as humans, and bring more awareness into the collective field.


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