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It's a sad attempt to borrow the idea and mimic true customization by master craftsmen. For the macho types that only consider blades as tools, weapons, and pieces of sharp metal to be torturously utilized in cutting line, scraping metal, stabbing your enemy, or dressing game, this is for you: One of my finest clients, a rather famous person and well-educated historian of war and military engagements looked at one of my fine embellished daggers and said: There you go, forget beauty; it's about honor!

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Yes, the ideas, details, and execution are mine, but artistic concepts are shared, that's why they're art; like beauty, they're known when seen.

Return to Topics You bet; perhaps some of the oldest history we know.

But most of them have never made something with their hands, carried a piece of steel at their side, used it to get them out of a pinch, and wanted to recreate or honor the significance of that experience.

We value the experiences we have had and will have with an edged weapon or tool, so we impart imagery to it to reflect that.

Starting with design work, I make the blades, fittings, and handles. I photograph, detail, archive, and create and maintain this website.

If the knife has only my name on the blade, all of the work done to make, finish, and archive the work is my own.

I have one goal, to make fine knives, working with clients and their ideas and also independently designing, and improving my skill year after year.

A great deal of this effort is continually invested in embellishment.

And though you may experience beauty in a simple, utilitarian custom knife with clean lines, a rudimentary blade, and flat, polished bolsters, you might wonder what it would be like if it were finely detailed with every inspiration the artist could apply.


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