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The once-promising actress soon became typecast as the flighty socialite or bad girl.

She worked steadily as a television guest star for the next few decades and in occasional movies--but never appeared in another "A" picture. Unless you've seen 1962's , you've probably never heard of Ms. She was one of several Italian beauties to appear opposite English-language co-stars in the 1950s and 1960s.

Timing and looks are almost as important as talent when it comes to becoming a star of the silver screen.

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But that doesn't change the fact that she's freaking gorgeous.

In fact, Jeter really only dates gorgeous girls, and at the age of 38, he's got a resum better than the most debonair Hollywood bachelors.

She appeared in occasional guest roles over the next two decades. In a documentary on that show, Frank says the producers wanted the bee-turned-woman to be a strawberry blonde--but Frank insisted on the stylish dark-hair look.

Then, she returned to Tinseltown in 1986 to play a recurring role as Sheila Brackman on the hit TV series L.

She also showed her comedy chops as a robot created by mad scientist Vincent Price in the wacky Dr. She owns the rights to several of her husband's films, which have never been released on video--much to the dismay of many "B" movie fans. First, she got a plum supporting role in the big-budget Richard Burton-Robert Ryan film Ice Palace.

She followed that with a juicy part as a "bad girl" in Parrish and as the "poor white trash" heroine of Claudelle Inglish (both 1961).

But alas, their timing was wrong for one reason or another.

Today, we pay tribute to five beautiful actresses who never achieved headline status.

A bodyguard for gangster Mickey Cohen, Stompanato later dated Lana Turner, whose daughter Cheryl Crane stabbed and killed him after she claimed Stompanato had attacked her mother. American International Pictures was grooming this stunning brunette for bigger roles--until she retired from acting a few years after marrying the company's co-founder. When he died in 1972, she helped complete his films Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry and The Legend of Hell House.

Susan Hart appeared in several Beach Party movies as one of "the gang" and played the title character in The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini. She fared better as Tab Hunter's love interest in , a Beach Party-like flick released by Columbia Pictures. Susan Hart spent her later years helping to raise funds for the UCLA Medical Center. while still a teen, Diane Mc Bain appeared to be on the fast track to stardom in 1960-61.

The acclaimed book was a pick of the month in Los Angeles Times Magazine and for Turner Classic Movies.


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