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(There was a brief and ill-fated attempt at a reunion in 2013.) Richards appeared on Diddy's Last Train to Paris album in 2010 before cutting ties with his label, Bad Boy, and striking out on her own.

As a solo artist, she produces rapidly – a mixtape in 2011, two projects in 2012, an album in 2013, a follow-up in 2015, the Infrared EP this year with the producer Kingdom and Redemption still to come – and works actively to define the way her music is absorbed.

Spread across her recent releases, you can find the keyboards of Nineties pop-house, frenetic percussion that hints at drum 'n' bass, a dash of big-room EDM, atmospheric vocoder pop, minimal hip-hop and an occasional power ballad.

She enjoys variation for variation's sake: "I always love to constantly do a sound that is different." The producer Kingdom, who runs the L. label Fade to Mind and collaborated with Richard on May's Infrared EP, commends her versatility. "I've heard her do these more siren type of voices, where she's really pushing, and there's this rasp and aggression to it.

Dreams rise like the sun and set like the sun: One minute it is high and bright, the next minute you might lose it." To infuse the resulting track with both scale and fragility, she drew from the full-throttle wing of Chicago dance music known as footwork.

"That sound, 160 BPM – you hear it and you want to dance," she says.

"People want to peg you as alternative R&B when they hear soul or see the color of your skin," she explains.

"It's comfortable when people see artists of color or artists that come from a different country to put that brand on us.Those fast cadences against the Afro-Cuban beats, the marching band drums?What you get is high impact: vulnerability mixed with aggression." today – an "animated experience." "I was looking at i Tunes, and I thought it was great that they have a visualizer for your music," she explains.The former Danity Kane and Diddy Dirty Money member will be playing the lead in Jean Claude La Marre‘s , which followed the story of Joyce Richardson, an introverted surgeon at Mt.Sinai whose strict Christian upbringing in Buckhead, Atlanta has been limiting her dating pool.I've also heard her do all the harmonies, almost like a Brandy style – layered, lush.


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