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The committee chairs and committee volunteers, the heart of NIBA, who kept NIBA moving forward in spite of the distractions.

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We are eagerly looking forward to advocating new market strategies and launching our new line early next year. Best regards, Frédéric Guérin Vice-President Sales & Marketing | Industrial Rubber Division The ICE-Trade Multiple Strip Winder winds the rubber or PU strips after cutting out of the sheet by the Slitting Machine.

Those strips are used for skirting in the conveyor installation.

Jean’s most recent position working as the Executive Director of the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy, and Petroleum will be a tremendous asset, as we prospect new rubber lining opportunities directly at mines.

Jean’s knowledge of key contacts and his acute awareness of mining operations will be put to the test immediately, as we launch our new brand of lining materials for the mining industry in the first quarter of 2018.

In recent years one market segment has emerged with opportunities fitting our business model and product line perfectly.

There was only one piece of the puzzle missing; the person who could pursue these opportunities with a singular focus.The level of interaction coupled with the wide variety of experience offered up comments and questions from all points of view.We even benefited through the contributions from an international member from Turkey.Exciting News From American Biltrite: Our Sales & Marketing Team Is Growing!Here at American Biltrite our sales division has been primarily comprised of three regional sales managers and a vast network of sales agents covering every state.He specializes in production management and marketing.


  1. Members are active with comments on the Question of the Week which usually relates to current events and faith.

  2. Having helped Michael home, both Gavin and Gail are clearly very concerned and fuss round him.

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