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Their sister, Valentine Wiggin, took Ender's side in these conflicts.

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Bishop was the android executive officer assigned to the Sulaco and was primarily responsible for planetary manoeuvring.

Unlike Ash, it is known from the beginning that he is an android (contrary to Ash) and he was also loyal to his seniors, colleagues and especially Ripley.

He was a third, commissioned by the government to be born because of his genetic potential.

i : DEnder was the son of Theresa and John Paul Wiggin.

The machine is pure stimulus-response, replying to the present message, with absolutely no memory.

The reader will see that the technology is all pretty much standard Eliza pattern matching.This means the therapist does not have to engage in any detail with the actual content of the patient's problems. This is obviously ideal for a computer program, which can attempt to carry on a conversation without having to understand anything the human says at all.Weizenbaum's trick remains one of the classic tricks for building a chatbot.In 1989, the author put a chatbot on the Internet, whose conversations can be seen, depending on our definitions, as having "passed the Turing Test".For reasons which will be explained below, this is the first time this event has been properly written up.For the cumulative effect, the reader should read through the LISP source code, which is visible at [4], from which the following examples come.


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