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How important that we stay clear by unscrambling our energies.This posture has proven effective for stuttering, dyslexia, ADD and increasing mental acuity.Please also see Lyn Milum's excellent blog: for more info on this subject.

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And you can even get your questions answered by Donna Eden herself. While there are some people who can simply see Chakras, Donna can see 8 additional systems.

However, Donna never used these gifts until her late 20s…

Next, if no correction, I either have them do a Blow Out, with arms up above the head and deep breath out while arms come forcefully down or I will check for Triple Warmer Reactivity.

This is getting more advanced now and I am talking to trained practitioners, but start with the other techniques described above.

I seem to have a string of clients lately that are testing weak on the reading eye test. The other interesting thing is the variety of corrections it takes to get them out of this imbalance.

So I am going to address techniques I have used when the regular correction of Wayne Cook Posture isn't enough.

Each week, you’re required to invest about 1 to 2 hours to watch Donna demonstrate her techniques.

And after watching each week’s segment, you’re then required to put in at least 10 mins a day and practice the tools Donna gave you — by referring to the set of 8 illustrated handbooks that come with each chapter of the course.

I did need to use this recently with a client who would not correct with all the above until I strengthened TW. (Note: Anything not correcting at this point needs deeper work and is beyond the scope of this blog.) Well, that is a lot of info in one paragraph, but as our society seems to get crazier by the moment, more and more people are in overwhelm.

Here are some inconspicuous ways that I teach people to use at work to incorporate EEM in daily life.

I have personally seen Donna and David demonstrate this powerful technique of how we affect others energies just by reading or speaking when in this scrambled state and it is kind of scary.


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