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I'm pretty laid back and most ppl catch that pretty quickly about me.

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I enjoy road trips, rollercoasters, dancing, cards, pool (although I'm better if I've had a few drinks), bowling..... This is my time to live and I'm looking for someone to share that with.

No offense but I'm not looking for an extreme butch, bi, couples.

I love animals and currently have a dog, cat and a horse.

Horseback riding is my favorite non-grad school related hobby, but I also enjoy wine and Netflix during the rare moments I'm not in lab I currently work full time, I'm a full time student and I have a 7yr old daughter.

Most of my married friends seem to be under the impression that Tinder is some kind of app-based portal for free sex. Most of them seemed—sexually, at least—highly desirable. He scrolled down and ticked through the list in earnest. For an ordinary-looking man of my age, Tinder in the Triangle seems to be, roughly, 50 percent people who do not meet your own superficial standards of beauty; 20 percent people who, either because of attractiveness or age, you stand zero chance of matching with; 10 percent people who either quote a Bible verse or tout their NRA membership; 5 percent people who happened to be visiting the area and left their geolocation setting on; and 5 percent bots.

In their minds, you punch in your location, find other people nearby who are ready to have sex, and then go someplace and have sex. He is not the kind of guy to lie about such things, and he reported it was more than half. The 10 percent that remain are those with whom you could conceivably forge some kind of romantic connection.

I read sometimes play video games sometimes just hanging out I'm very laid back a bit shy lol love technology and I attend at the Art Institute Just moved here from FL.

ive been in the medical field for a few years, and I love it.

I also can't tolerate narcissists, compulsive liars, and cheaters.

I believe in karma and feel I've got good things coming my way!! Well I'm 21 years old, mixed, 5'3 and I like meeting new people, going out, loves great films love music love to sing I don't dance anymore I use to though. Relaxed, quiet spirited but not shy, intelligent, great adviser, caring, giving, humorous, poetic, creative, musician, entrepreneur, college junior, certified personal fitness trainer, singer, song writer, record producer, confident, imperfect, love to travel.

When I get time, I love to go out and enjoy myself.


  1. They started off as casual, and then things got a little more serious when we became exclusive.

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  3. It was always me whom start texting him first but he will be slow with his reply although his at home.

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