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She was admitted to hospital as doctors carried tests to see if she had the rare heart condition, brugada syndrome.

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Leslie "Les" Coker, played by Roger Sloman, first appeared on 9 January 2012.

He subsequently appeared in five episodes in 2012, before returning for an episode in 2014.

Looking a tad confused, the star hit back: "No, I've never worked with him before! We only knew each other to say hello to."Once again, clearly a tad embarrassed, Lorraine apologised."I'm sorry, I thought you two overlapped on the show," she explained. The actress admitted she missed playing the fiery Walford legend and is regularly asked whether she is going to return to the show."I don't miss the show too much when I'm busy," Jessie explained.

The following are characters who first appeared in the BBC soap opera East Enders during 2012 listed by order of first appearance. The first character to be introduced was the undertaker, Les Coker.

Kush, who was proposed to by Denise ahead of his open heart surgery last week, seemed to have made a remarkable recovery - leaving baffled viewers to express their skepticism.

It wasn't just Kush's speedy recovery that caused concern for viewers, as on Monday's episode he was spotted vising his mum Carmel in hospital.

Ahead of his surgery, Kush was also proposed to by his girlfriend Denise, which he gladly accepted as he was wheeled off.

Storyline: It wasn't just Kush's speedy recovery that caused concern for viewers, as on Monday's episode he was spotted vising his mum Carmel in hospital who was undergoing testing for the brugada syndrome However, viewers were more concerned with 'missing an episode' as they continued: 'Admit it you came on twitter to check if you were the only one confused about tonight's episode of #eastenders.''Wait, have they aired the wrong episode? Kush walking around like he wasn't about to go into surgery??

After the announcement that Sharon Rickman was returning, her son Dennis Rickman, was introduced, along with guest character, Sharon's fiancé John Hewland.

Danny Pennant arrived in September, as part of a love triangle storyline involving Syed Masood and Christian Clarke.

He says that he arranged funerals for many of the other local residents, including David's father Pete Beale (Peter Dean), Ethel Skinner (Gretchen Franklin) and Archie Mitchell (Larry Lamb).


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