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She trusts me.” Asked if Patrick was worried about the rumor tarnishing his image, Patrick said, “The online world is always just about gossip. TVB executive, Virginia Lok (樂易玲), expressed, “I don’t believe in the rumor because this could not happen.

” Patrick also released a statement through his Weibo, threatening to pursue legal action against the person who initiated the car-shaking rumors, and stressed none of the details in the rumors were true.

Some netizens “revealed” that the man and woman were in fact actors Patrick Dunn and Elaine Ng from the cast, and a new rumor claimed that Elaine Ng was arrested by the police for questioning last night. I am not angry, but I do feel bad for getting the media involved. ” Patrick Dunn is Furious Patrick is currently filming in Great Britain.

Elaine Ng Was Not Arrested The following day, the press caught Elaine Ng arriving at TVB Studios for her hosting program. Patrick received a long-distance phone interview with the Hong Kong press.

They were seen at the airport earlier and Shawn was playing with his mobile while Christy was standing behind him.

Some netizens remark that Christy transforms from a goddess to an auntie after her marriage.

At first his family lived in Richmond before settling in Port Coquitlam.

After attending one semester at Douglas College, he transferred to University of British Columbia majoring in Mechanical engineering.

Chen Xi admits that Ella would go to his house to see his 2 dogs.

They would chat about dogs, listen to music, and eat; their conversations are never-ending.

When Ella's dog Qiangqiang passed away a few days ago, the first thing she did was to call Chen Xi, and he says that he understood her grief and comforted her.

He adds: "Very unfortunate, I didn’t get to see Qiangqiang's cuteness before she passed away." Chen Xi is music producer Chen Bi's son.

Chen Xi openly admitted that he is the DJ that Ella talks about.

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