Email hot sex chart

Mild, but more than regular use which is nearly nothing.

Email hot sex chart

A note on the 30-day guarantee with Womanizer: Recently on Instagram Womanizer said “orgasms guaranteed” and I had to comment; I asked if their 30-day money-back promise was still in effect and they said “Yes! They stated there is no guarantee on the PRO40, sadly.

There is no mention on the website of this 30-day money-back guarantee.

The chart provides a large amount of quantifiable data and a few subjective opinions.

The brief product overviews below provide more insight into my personal opinions on each item, while the full reviews hold back nothing (naturally).

Maybe their Deluxe W500 model wasn’t built for someone like me, but their PRO40 and Plus Size definitely are.

The overall build quality isn’t always evident from the outside but Womanizer still comes out looking better and as Womanizer has noted – they pioneered this technology. They informed me that the Deluxe is W500, and Delight is W100 (except, it’s been discontinued).

If you need more details or views on the various silicone heads, please ask.

All of the Womanizer heads – standard sizes on the left, XL sizes on the right " data-medium-file="https://i0com/

Then I did an informal experiment on a Womanizer toy to show that air is coming out, not being drawn in. epi24 (Womanizer) said: “We prefer to call it Pleasure Air Technology”. I’ll see what Satisfyer has to say, if they ever answer me.


  1. The neck and middle pickups are less powerful than the bridge, but similar to each other. This means that when you wedge the 3-way selector switch in-between stops for the two-pickup sounds, you get humbucking operation.

  2. He was charged with sexually abusing seven minors in his care between 19, with the abuse taking place either at an oratory where he served or summer camps he helped to run.

  3. Such sites earn revenue from a mix of advertising and sale of additional options.

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