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Miami, on the other hand, is a rich meld of citrus yellows and oranges, as bright as star David Caruso's hair.Yet with all the muscle-beach shots and balmy palm trees, grisly crime scenes are waiting to be dusted.Tension was ratcheted up in subsequent episodes when Caine negotiated a tense hostage situation without breaking a sweat, and the team investigated how a volleyball game ended with three deaths.

This week the team investigate the murder of a crooked investment banker who’s found dead in the toilet of a private jet.

There’s no shortage of people wanting Burgess dead, with only one person crying over his corpse – his son Daniel, (Shawn Pyfrom, better known as Bree’s son Andrew in Desperate Housewives).

The evidence leads into seedy nightclubs, privileged suburbs and explosive family secrets.

The stakes are higher than ever before, because this time it's personal.

“And I think David was really quite smart with the [acting] choice he made, because our show is more fantasy, it’s more glamorous and in a lot of ways a more comic book-style of show.” Of course, it’s the charisma, clean-up rate and deadpan one-liners of Horatio Caine that have proven spectacularly popular with audiences and turned Caruso – once unemployable after walking out on the 90s cop show NYPD Blue – into a global megastar.

“He’s created a character that he has to stay very true and specific to and in tune with the audience, and it’s amazing what he’s done,” says Caruso’s co-star, Adam Rodriguez, 35.The way Caruso handles the sunglasses – invariably whipping them off in dramatic fashion mid-sentence to punctuate his delivery – has garnered much attention and even spawned a famous impersonation by Jim Carrey.“There are a lot of people who do Horatio Caine impressions – even me! “It’s a little surreal and a real honour when somebody like Jim Carrey does an impression of you.” The CSI: Miami bandwagon rolls on, with the cast soon gathering to film its ninth season. I have to say, we just really get along, which after eight years, is nice.So far it’s been an explosive eighth season for CSI: Miami, showing that almost a decade on, the most glamorous and action-packed of the long-running CSI franchise has lost none of its power to surprise and delight fans.So far we’ve seen Calleigh Duquesne (Emily Procter) defend herself for having shot her colleague (and boyfriend!CSI: Miami’s glitzy Florida vibe – despite it being filmed largely in California – and ramped-up humour made it different from its more serious brother shows, CSI, the original Vegas-set series launched 10 years ago and now starring Laurence Fishburne, and CSI: NY, launched in 2004 and starring Gary Sinise.


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